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Zendesk - Github Integration app Installation guide

Modified on: Wed, 9 Jun, 2021 at 2:11 AM

Zendesk - Github Integration app Installation guide

In order to use the Github integration app Zendesk - Github app on Zendesk respectively user need to create the Github personal access token and Zendesk API access token in order to use the integration app.

Follow below article steps to create the new Github personal access token

How to create Github authentication token

Follow below article steps to get the Zendesk API access token

How to generate Zendesk API token key

Follow below steps on how to install the Zendesk - Github integration app

1.Login to your Zendesk account.


2. Click on Admin Section (Gear Icon on the left navigation menu) as show in above screenshot  

3. Scroll to the Apps and then click on Marketplace as shown in below screenshot 

3. Search for the "Github Integration App" in the search field or You can also directly visit this app by below link

4. Click on Install button.

5. Select your Zendesk account then click on Install to Install the app.

6. Click on "Install" button to install the app. App will be installed to your Zendesk Instance.

7. Now Create a new ticket or go to any existing ticket to authenticate the app.

7. You  can follow below article on how to setup the authentication for Zendesk - Github Integration App

Zendesk - Github Integration app authentication guide

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