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Freshdesk - Azure DevOps Custom App

Modified on: Mon, 19 Apr, 2021 at 4:46 AM
Custom Apps

Follow these steps to submit your app to Freshdesk:

  1. Login to your Freshdesk Admin portal, go to Admin -> Search for Apps, then click on Custom Apps and click New Custom App

  2. Or you can directly visit the Freshdesk developer portal using this link

  3. In the Developer website, click Log in at the top right corner.

  4. In the pop up window, enter your Freshdesk URL, and click PROCEED. If you are not logged into Freshdesk, you will be redirected to support portal login page. In the login page, provide your Freshdesk credentials and click LOGIN to proceed.

  5. Click Add New App.

  6. Download the Custom App from attachment to this article.

  7. In the Add New App window, check Upload as custom app checkbox.

  8. Click Upload from Computer, select your app file, and click Open.

  9. Follow the instructions listed in the table below to provide your app information.

    App NameFreshdesk - Azure DevOps Integration App
    OverviewFreshdesk - Azure DevOps Integration App
    DescriptionFreshdesk - Azure DevOps Integration App
    App CategorySelect Issue Tracking & Alerts
    Support EmailEnter
    Support URLEnter
  10. Click Publish to submit your app.

    After submitting your app, if you make further updates and republish your app, it will take around 15 to 30 minutes for the changes to reflect.

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